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What hope fore the economy?

The global economy continues to fall apart as those well meaning folk trying to help only add to the chaos. Very few understand the real problem, and those with foresight have rarely been listened to in this mad scramble for wealth which has escalated over the past 60 years.

The major factors which have caused this mess are driven by greed and they are: theft, corruption of banking and governmental systems, the rise of the corporations, the shift of manufacturing off shore, the privatisation of state assets and the dispossession of the population.

The global economy is done for, its time to nail the coffin closed and start again. Western civilisation and capitalism is built on the Roman model, conquer everyone else, steal their wealth and ideology as it suits, then write the history to make us look like the good guys – nothing has changed since then.

Populations are easily duped with help from the media, but now the population is finding it increasingly difficult to live as we work longer hours to feed the economic machine that is consuming the environment we live in.

Money is only an idea, a symbol which has come to dominate the world and gamblers play for control of this idea. This is an addiction far more powerful than any drug which is why the wise point out that ‘money is the root of all evil’.

What are our chances for continued success?

Within the present system, none. The world we know is done for, the collapse of  the world economy will cause the collapse of all economies leading to even more civil unrest and possibly a one world government where every citizen will be a slave to the machine, and like ants human individuality will dissipate.

Mankind is superbly adaptable and providing our basic requirements are cared for, can change. However human rights have changed, they used to be the rights to “food, shelter and clean water’, but in today’s money world, these rights only apply to those with employment or welfare and the current climate is steadily eroding these opportunities.


Bitter pills for some, salvation for the planet and its population.
Rome experienced this debt crises problem about 600AD, Their solution, wipe the slate clean and start again, and it has worked up until now. So what would happen if you woke up tomorrow with no debts, and no one owed you anything?

A cancellation of all debts combined with a reassessment of capitalism, an end to foreign ownership of national infrastructure and a return to self sustainability for all countries.

The alternative is a total loss of sovereignty to a one world government which would likely become a dictatorship.